Frey Design

A company website with a smooth page transitions to increase digital presence.

Project Detail

Frey Design approached us to transform their brand new designs into website. Here are the requirements they required.

  • Using WordPress as CMS
  • Using Smooth Scrolling
  • Using PJAX Page Transition
  • Using Flexible Content with ACF

Tech Stack

We used various plugins to make all the features. The plugins are as follow:

  • Barba.js for PJAX Transition
  • ACF for content management
  • ScrollMagic to trigger animations by scrolling.
  • We used a custom code for smooth scroll. However, we could’ve used this public plugin too. Smooth-Scrollbar.

From start to finish

The project roughly took 2 months to finish, including revisions by client. In the end, Frey Design was really satisfied with results and they have asked us to do other projects for them after this. But that is for another story.